About us


About Us

The “Darurile Basarabiei” SRL  is one of the most dynamic companies on the Moldovan market in terms of the implementation of modern and superintensive fruit production technologies. It was created in 2010 in order to offer:

  • Agricultural machinery performing fruit production and serving vineyards and orchards;
  • European fruits seed produced in France, devirused;
  • Spring frost protection equipment for vineyards, orchards and greenhouses;
  • Protective traps against the eyphorate Hypta (Aleonca) and other pests, produced in the European Community.

As a producer and seller of fresh fruits we have:

  • a superintensive European livestock with a drip irrigation system, anti-hail system, anti-frost and using modern agricultural technology;
  • performance refrigerator with controlled atmosphere, which allows fresh crops to be kept and apples made throughout the year.

Thanks to the team of high-qualified specialists, the experience of implementing modern technologies, we can offer you high quality products in compliance with the European standards in limited terms and at an attractive price for the RM market.


Contact head office:
General manager: +373 (691) 125 23
Production director: +373 (693) 859 70
Commercial Director: +373 (760) 005 50
Office / fax: +373 (231) 292 49
E-mail: info@darurile-basarabiei.md