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Curious facts about apple

When you do not feel hungry
Often, due to intense stress or hard work, the desire to eat completely disappears. What to do in this case? Nutritionists recommend eating an apple, the effect will be noticeable in 15-20 minutes. The body will start a process that causes appetite. This little trick will come in handy for young mothers who do not know how to make the baby eat lunch.
Vitamin source
Everyone talks about the benefits of apples, but what kind of vitamins do they actually contain? It includes B2, which causes appetite. Vitamin A promotes normalization of the food tract. In addition, in a small apple fruit there are vitamins E, B1, C, B6, R.
Pure blood
Apples are able to purify the blood of cholesterol and other harmful substances, and also affect the strengthening of blood vessels. Pregnant women and people with low hemoglobin are recommended to use apples to increase the level of iron in the blood
Natural sugar substitute
Apples are recommended for people suffering from diabetes. It's because they contain a lot of fructose. It does not harm, as glucose and satisfies the need for sweet.
Christmas tree outfit
From the 16th to the 19th century Europeans, mostly French and Germans, decorated the New Year trees with apples. For this purpose, fruits of bright and rich shades were chosen, but in the middle of the 19th century in Europe there was a strong crop failure of apples, which had not previously existed. Therefore, glass blowers from France came up with glass toys, very reminiscent of apple fruits. It is believed that this is how the story of the glass New Year's toys began.
Apple - the symbol of life
In many cultures, the apple is associated with health, fertility, youth and love. The Slavs even had a tradition to bring the mother of a newborn baby an apple, so that the child would gain life force. Also in many fairy tales of the peoples of the world, you can find some "jug apple", which return beauty and youth.


Does your company realize apple-tree seedlings resistant to scab, suitable for growing apples bio?
Yes, our French company grows a range of apple varieties that contain at least one gene resistant to scab. When observing the necessary agrotechnical measures, these varieties allow the cultivation of bio apples: Crimson crisp, Dalinette, Story Inored and others.
Which planting scheme is most suitable for climatic conditions in Moldova?
The most optimal variant of planting was the distance between the trees of 0.8 m and between the rows of 3.2 m. At the same time, the planting scheme is calculated specifically for each climatic zone, from the use of the rootstock and the type of fruit.
What kinds of equipment for protection against spring frosts do you offer?
We have two main groups of equipment: 1. Frostbuster protects the area - 6-9 hectares 2. Frostguard REVOLUTION protects the area - 1 hectare The choice of the necessary equipment is made depending on the planting scheme of the garden and the climatic zone.
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For three generations the Sowerbutts family have been committed to growing and supplying quality fresh fruit and vegetables at competitive prices.
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For three generations the Sowerbutts family have been committed to growing and supplying quality fresh fruit and vegetables at competitive prices.