Vital Power Reactor

VITAL POWER REACTOR is a corrector of the soil structure and the soil physical properties related to salinity and sodium problems. It increases the permeability to air and water and reduces the soil compaction.

Exchanges sodium ions by calcium, improving the soil fertilizer storing and soil permeability. It avoids the flocculation of organic matter and clays. Tricarboxylic acids and lignosulfonates provide a high reactivity and increase the capacity of change of soils.

  • It contains natural origin polysaccharides and lignosulfonic which act as a biological enhancer of the activity of the soil microorganisms.

Chemical Composition (w/w)

Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble: 12 %

Calcium oxide (CaO) complexed with lignosulfonic acid: 6 %
pH: 2,5 – 2,7




Packing of 5, 25, 220 and 1000 liters