Orchard Platform

Advantages of the Simplicit High quality components. Low price. Low maintenance costs. Very long lifespan. Very easy to use. The engine is mounted on a double suspension frame and in a sound-insulating casing. Therefore: very low noise level and very few vibrations on the platform. Technical Data - Simplicityl Kubota Diesel Engine - 3 cylinders - 21 HP. Traction: hydrostatic on 2 wheels or 4* wheels. Steering: hydraulic power steering of front wheels. Brakes: negative hydraulic brake. Variable speed drive with 2 ranges (0 to 7.5 km/hour and 0 to 15 km/hour). Inner turning circle: 6m ; outer turning circle: 9.1 m . Double filtering of hydraulic oil. Platform: 1m30 x 4m60. Width of platform adjustable (mechanically or hydraulically*) between 1m30 and 3m30. Long platform (4m60) with space for 3 bins. For easy working, a platform with a length of minimum 4m00 is essential and is much more practical than 2 platforms of 2m. Low platform: the lowest position is 1m03. (Possibility to have higher standard height). Low noise level: motor compartment is equipped with sound insulation. Wooden platform on side: warmer in winter (central part in aluminium). Height of platform mechanically or hydraulically* adjustable (+50 cm). Must be trailed by tractor for road transport. Can be equipped with compressor/pruning equipment*. Roller rails*, adjustable in width. Extra front rollers for empty bin*. Can be equipped with front lift*. High ground clearance (25 cm). * = optional