Edward – Mechanical tree pruning

Special equipment for pruning fruit trees using
latest technology!

  • Free forward view
  • Easy operation with joystick and touch screen
  • Possible travel speed up to 5 km/h
  • Optional: horizontal hacksaw blade top and bottom
  • Edward comfort — Automatic swing to the side when encountering hail net supports
  • Edward comfort — Presence of one hydraulic circuit with a fluid flow of about 45 l/min
  • Edward comfort — simple combination with EdDa ovary thinner

The basic machine Edward comfort can combine with   two-knife cutting  ESM mechanism, with  rotary cutting mechanism or with device for thinning EdDa. In this way Edward can be equipped with all available aggregates.

Two versions of the  Edward series– Your Choice

Edward comfort

It has a hydraulic and electronic control unit. Management
carried out centrally from the driver’s cab, using a joystick
and touch screen. Oil supply is hydraulic
tractor system, with a pressure of 45 l/min and free return. Not
additional control units required.

Edward standard

does not have its own control system — it is controlled by
tractor control devices. Tractor hydraulic system
must provide a pressure of 45 l / min and have a free return
move. In addition, 3 to 5 double control units are required
actions (depending on components). Not possible in this version
use automatic turn to the side when meeting supports
anti-hail netting and application of a thinning device EdDa.

Extensibility Options

Two-knife cutting mechanism

Durable two-knife cutting mechanism with specially designed knives for pruning knives. Increased life of knives due to trouble-free sharpening Reliable drive two-knife mechanism is quiet and  ;vibration-free running.

The diameter of cut branches is 30mm.

Rotary cutter

The rotary cutting mechanism can be combined with both circular saws and and impact knives. 

The multi-V-belt transmission of hydraulic drive provides optimal transmission and durability.

The diameter of the cut branches by circular saws is 100 mm

The diameter of the cut branches with impact knives is 30 mm

Thinning device

The use of the EdDa thinning device allows to achieve an increase in the caliber and quality of fruits due to excellent thinning ovary.


Horizontal cutters

Automatic swing of horizontal handsaw blade (Edwardcomfort only) to the side when meeting the anti-hail net supports ensures quiet operation. Possibility of individual adjustment of the automatic fold hand hand to-side sensitivity. In a vertical position increases cutting height by 1100mm.

Pruning lower branches

Manual adjustment of the blades for trimming the lower branches and increasing the length of the vertical panel. Possibility equipment with impact knives and circular saw ø 400mm.

Control panel Edward comfort

  • Ergonomically mounted remote control with vacuum cup
  • Ability to control all functions with one hand using the joystick and touch screen