Frostbuster Type F252

Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 
1710x1720x1200 mm
Weight without gas cylinders: 
350 kg
Drive of fan: 
22.500 m3/hour
Average gas consumption: 
35 kg/h

The F252 has two lower exits. It’s capacity (6 to 8 ha) is not as big as the capacity of the F501 (8 to 10 ha).

How does it work? The Frostbuster is a trailed or 3-point mounted machine. The powerful fan is driven by the PTO of the tractor. In the air inlet of the fan, there is a gas burner that heats the air up to 80° Celsius. At the back of the machine are the containers for the gas bottles.

The heated air is blown between the trees through 2 outlets (1 at the left and 1 at the right). Because the air flow is so powerful, we cover a distance up to 40 to 50 meters at each side of the machine. Therefore, it’s only necessary to drive through the rows every 60 to 90 meters. We will calculate for you the ideal circuit which is different for almost every orchard. However, it is very important to pass at the same spot within 10 minutes. The total surface that can be protected depends on the shape and the dimensions of the plot.



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