Traps for pest control in the orchard

Traps for pest control in vineyards and gardens

Traps for pest control in vineyards and orchards, but primarily intended for apple flower pests — Epicometis hirta Poda (Alenka).

Adult beetles damage the flowers of apple, pear, peach, cherry, apricot, sweet cherry, plum, but also flowers of other trees that blossom in the spring. Similarly, a pest often damages crops, canola, strawberry, raspberry, mustard, irises, peonies, cruciferous plants, willow. Usually, the beetle feeds on the organs of reproduction of flowers, leaving the flower infertile. The pest is carried out from the beginning of April, but, in any case, it is recommended to set the traps several days before the beginning of flowering.

The proposed traps combine two types of bait:

  • The visual part of the bait (the blue color of the trap);
  • The smell of bait (a chemically identical stimulant).

The principle of the traps: the bait of the trap has similar properties to the flower, this enhances the attraction of the blue color of the gutter in the upper part of the trap. To improve the efficiency of the traps, they must be emptied every 2-3 weeks.

After this period, we recommend changing the bait.

The trap must be suspended in the garden behind the lower branches or should be placed on the ground near tree trunks.

Our traps were designed for a large volume. Another advantage of our traps is that both males and female beetles are caught. Caught beetles can no longer harm your garden.