"Euroforţa" presented the new grater lines of Sorter's Polish producer of fruits and vegetables

On May 25, 2018 on the district of Bilicenii Vechi, r. Sîngerei, SRL “Euroforţa” presented the new grater lines of Sorter’s Polish producer of fruits and vegetables.
The company “Euroforţa” SRL, during the last 4 years, is the exclusive distributor of the Sorter sorting technologies on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

We have:
• Advanced technological lines for packing fruits and vegetables;
• Electronic fruit and vegetable sorting machines (productivity from 2.0 tons to 25.0 tons);
• Machines for processing fruits and vegetables (washing, slicing, packing in units or in required weight, small and unique packages);
• Precision manipulators and industrial robots;
• High quality palletizing systems;
• Automated packaging and storage systems;
• Orchard maintenance devices (orchard trolleys, fruit harvesting platforms).


The Polish Sorter Company focuses on implementing innovative technology solutions. The sorting lines they produce are equipped with the ViSort viewing system, which allows automatic classification of products according to various parameters: diameter, weight, color, quality. The lines are also equipped with a weighing tensiometry system.

The advanced technologies of the “Sorter” machine enable the automation of sorting, packaging and palletizing processes.



“Sorter” is the leading manufacturer of sorting lines in Central and Eastern Europe and is a well-known brand on the international market for more than 10 years.