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"Euroforţa" presented the new grater lines of Sorter's Polish producer of fruits and vegetables


On May 25, 2018 on the district of Bilicenii Vechi, r. Sîngerei, SRL “Euroforţa” presented the new grater lines of Sorter’s Polish producer of fruits and vegetables.
The company “Euroforţa” SRL, during the last 4 years, is the exclusive distributor of the Sorter sorting technologies on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The "Darurile Basarabiei" company held an annual seminar


On July 26, “Darurile Basarabiei”, together with ADAMA AGRICULTURAL SOLUTIONS, held a seminar on “Technologies of growing and protecting seedlings”, which was attended by more than 170 entrepreneurs in the agro-economic sector. The event was held in. Malinovskoe, Ryshkansky district, in the garden of the company “Darurile Basarabiei”, where annually testing of new technologies for protection of perennial fruitful products is conducted.

"Darurile Basarabiei" SRL became a distributor of the Polish company "Sorter"


"Darurile Basarabiei" SRL became a distributor of the Polish company Sorter
Sorter is am anufacturer of machines and equipment for sorting fruits and vegetables, palletizing, packaging and modern platforms for harvesting.

Sale of seedlings of new varieties of apples: Story Inored, Galmac, Crimson Crisp


Story Inored - it has an attractive appearance, excellent taste and long-term storage at a temperature of + 3 ° C in an ordinary refrigerator without Smartfresh.
Galmac - early-ripening variety of apples. The maturation period is 4 weeks before Golden. Good taste and attractive appearance.
Crimson Crisp - early-ripening variety of apples. Maturity - 10 days earlier Golden Delicious
Very attractive appearance, high pulp density and good taste qualities.

Sale of sorting lines


Sale of sorting lines of new technology for sorting vegetables grown in greenhouses.

New developments FrostGuard REVOLUTION


New developments FrostGuard REVOLUTION. Production and sales of new types of cars against spring frosts with a more economical mode of operation, which reduced gas consumption by 11 liters per hour.